Pathfindaz Blog II 3 Simple Book Marketing To Try Today With Massive Results
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3 Simple Book Marketing To Try Today With Massive Results

3 Simple Book Marketing To Try Today With Massive Results

Publishing your book is a great deal.But making a dime is much greater. Every book can sell as long there is book marketing system.The missing link here is that most Nigerian authors spend most time in printing and publishing their book;without giving ample time to book marketing.

In this post,I will be sharing with you.Some simple book marketing approach that will give you results.Regardless of your budget,you can start these at minimum capital.

1) Website :- Create a landing page or sales page for your book on your site.This page serve as the summary of your book.Also make sure you leave on it “THE PURCHASE” button;to direct your potential buyers how to get your book.

2) Social Media:- Use your book as your daily post on your Facebook,Twitter or Instagram depending On the one you are active.Make sure you choose the best time,your followers can see it and read.

3) Free Chapters:- Give out your book for free.Yes,create one chapter to give out for free to audience via email. The results works like fire.

I believe these simple strategies, will go a longer way to help you stay connected with your audience. While you keep them glue to your book and finally make purchase of your book.

See you soon

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