Pathfindaz Blog II Two errors that can mar your book marketing
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Two errors that can mar your book marketing

Two errors that can mar your book marketing

Having published books in different formats both for myself and others.I have observed many Nigerian authors (especially first time authors) commit this error over and over again.

Sometimes, I wish that lots of them can really know the damage that these errors are doing to the book sales bottomline. Infact,I can categorically tell you that the low book sales turn out is usually linked to these two errors.

In this post, we look at these two.

1) Write without a niche:- I think it is out of excitement or pleasure that makes author to write their first book. But ironically, that first book suppose to be career opener for them.In my years of experience, I have Nigerian authors author a book on “LOVE AND ROMANCE”,then the next book on ” ENTREPRENEURSHIP”.

My question is which audience are focusing on “Romance or Business”. Before you publish your first book,you need to be clear of your focus and direction then focus on it.By so doing,you will be gathering a lot of following as an authority in your chosen field.


Every serious profit minded author will always know that having a marketing budget is very vital to the success of their books. Leaving your book in the hands of bookstores will never do you any good.

I have seen author spend unbelievable amount of money for book production, yet when asked about ” BOOK MARKETING BUDGET “. They will Begin to speak English language.

As an author, you must have at the back of mind that behind any successful book; there was a good book marketing budget.Without which your book launch will be a big mess.

Face that reality.

See you in the next post